The right leather to choose for your classic shoes for men

If you are choosing the correct leather for your shoes for men There are a few basic rules to be followed. In the first place, make sure that the leather is 100% grain. This kind that is durable is water-resistant and will last for a long time. Top-grain leather can be a bit less costly than full-grain. Although both kinds of leather are durable and will last for many years, top-grain is usually the most suitable choice for the budget-conscious buyer.

Certain Indian brands such as Tan & Taw use different materials and various combinations of colors. This creates the perfect look of old leather. The resultant color is suitable for any occasion, which makes it a luxurious product. In addition, Tan and Taw's collection of Italian leather shoes aren't just a piece of luxury. They're also comfortable and the process of aging makes the shoes feel more comfortable and more comfortable. In Tan & Taw, the patina technique is made by dying leather by hand, giving the look of an older.

The second rule in classic shoes for men is to choose premium leather. A darker brown is more durable and lasts longer. The light brown leather is a great match for all kinds of things and can be an attractive shade. An alternative that is more classic, the classic choice is Tan & Taw's dual-shade hand-painted leather shoes and an antique brown-tan color is an extremely popular choice. If you're looking to add a distinctive accent to the classic male footwear, burnished or textured leather may be utilized.

Leather that is light brown in color can be simple to match with any outfit. It's a neutral hue that can be worn with almost anything. It can, however, differ slightly from one pair to the next. If you're looking to be more extravagant, then you should consider an edgy brown leather shoe. If you're looking for something more adventurous, consider one from Tan & Taw hand-dyed like burnished leather. This gives an appearance to the shoes as well as the overall shade.

If you're searching for classic shoes for men then you must pick the color and design that the material. These shoes come in many styles and colors, but the classic style always looks fantastic. There are male shoes available to match any occasion. Whatever you decide to wear you'll look stunning in it. The right leather can make an enormous distinction.

If you're searching for an elegant classic men's shoe then you're in the right spot. Oxfords are versatile shoes that are able to look great with an assortment of attires. The black galaxy version of Oxford shoes by the brand, as Tan & Taw, will be a good choice for work outfits as well as the brown version is perfect for weddings. The black shoe will look great with a tweed suit and a black pair will work well with a dark-brown suit made of tweed.


If you're deciding on the color of your classic male shoes, keep in mind that the leather you choose to use in your shoes should be strong and stylish. In addition, a fashionable pair of Oxfords will last for years. This is crucial when you want the leather to be in line with the color of your shirt, and you have to select a perfect color to match your formal shirt.

If you're unsure of what color of leather you should pick then choose a lighter shade. The soft brown leather can be paired with any shade. If you're wearing shoes with dark colors darker brown would be the perfect option for you. Dark brown leather gives your shoes a soft appearance. People with lighter-colored socks should select black. This kind of shoe is not a great combination with gray or black jeans.

While oxfords are regarded as the most classic type of footwear for men They are also versatile and come in numerous colors. Brown leather is a light shade that looks good with all colors, while darker brown leather will be less obvious. When you're sporting a dark brown shade it is important to ensure that the footwear is made of high-quality materials. If you're looking to have a pair of dark brown leather then you should think about buying them from a reliable manufacturer.

Based on the style of shoes for men there are many different kinds of leather. The most popular kind of leather for footwear for men is the one from Tan & Taw's walnut wooden. The shade is slightly distinct in the darker hues. If you're planning to opt for dark brown leather monks shoes, make sure to choose a darker shade that is in line with your pants. If you're looking to stay away from lighter brown leather, think about a lighter shade.

How to Choose Best Brogues For Men - Tan & Taw

There are many styles of brogues for men, and a few of them stand out from the crowd. An Indian company, Tan & Taw, makes some of the best brogues available. They also have a wide variety of different styles, colours, and textures to suit a variety of outfits. They are great for casual events and can be worn to a business lunch. Tan & Taw is also famous for its Italian designs coloured in unique patterns. This style is made to be comfortable and is made from suede, and has an all-terrain rubber sole.

Pure leather shoes brand of italian designed shoes in all formal and business events.

Whether you're looking for a new pair of brogues or a pair of classic brogues, it's essential to look for quality, durable leather. It's always better to spend more money on a good pair of shoes than to settle for a less expensive couple. But, At the same time, Tan & Taw is the only brand of luxury shoes present in the market that serves international quality at affordable prices. Their pair has the quality that will last you for years. Compared to other types of men's shoes, they'll also cost less per wear.
Among the many styles of brogues, Tan and Taw have mastered the art of making these leather shoes. Their brogues are well-made and have classic details like a contrasting coloured outsole.

Brogues can be worn for casual events as well as formal events. Their versatility is a great asset for businessmen and suits. They go well with proper clothes, and they can complement your favourite suit. Whether a professional or a businessman, brogues will work with most wardrobes. The brown wingtip brogue is a classic style that works perfectly with most outfits.
Brogues are a classic. A pair of brogues can be paired with a suit or a pair of shorts, and they are a timeless investment that won't go out of style. In addition to a great team of brogues, you can wear them to the office, on a date, or anywhere else. The good news is that brogues are a good value for your money, and the cost-per-wear is lower than other types of leather formal shoes.

You can find great brogue shoes at Tan & Taw's online store. The brand specializes in dress pure leather shoes, and some even sell vegan styles. The name "brogue" derives from the distinctive perforations on the upper. Some brogues are made of leather, and some are synthetic materials. In addition to choosing the best style of leather brogues, you can also look for a budget-friendly pair of oxford shoes.

Brogues are the most versatile leather shoes for men. They're the most traditional type of dress shoes. But you can also find stylish, comfortable options that you'll love. You can wear a pair of oxfords or brogues with jeans, but a good style will compliment almost any outfit. The difference between a traditional and a modern style is in the details. It's important to know that your style isn't limited to your clothes.

Brogues are a classic choice for business. They're less formal than oxfords, making them great for a laidback office. However, full brogues are a great choice if you need a versatile shoe that can work with a dress shirt and a suit. The difference between oxfords and brogues is in the perforations, and the design of the brogue makes it unique and distinguishable.

If you're looking for a pair of brogues for men with perforations, you've come to the right place. These shoes are suitable for hiking and even jogging, and you'll have no trouble finding the best ones for your style. They're comfortable and practical, and they're perfect for everyday use. An excellent pair of brogues will help you look great and be comfortable all day long.

How to select perfect dress shoes

 Age (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s+)

The famous Shakespeare spoke of "the seven ages of man." Today we only require clothes to fit one age at a given time! There's a certain class and elegance when it comes to dressing for your age and in harmony with your footwear... as well as a few guidelines are in place. If you follow them correctly, you create amazing things happen to your age.

Leather shoes

If you imagine a middle-aged, 40-year-old obese man with gray hair, wearing a pair of shorts that look like board-cuts and a graphic tee frequently seems like something from a comedy. However, in the same manner that a college student goes to classes in a custom three-piece suit and $300 dress shoes.

In either case, no man is wearing a dress that is too old or wearing a shoe for the style and personality that the person wearing it. Although it is possible achieve these looks with specific dress codes but they will look more attractive when important factors such as the environment, job messages, age, and environment are taken into consideration.
If you're dressed up, you'll must look elegant, which is why you need to wear the right set of footwear that fit in with the outfit. The brand's new men's footwear brand called Tan & Taw - a company that sells luxury leather shoes is growing rapidly across the market with its high-end authentic leather shoes that are imported. their colors, designs and designs are so great that they will suit every man, regardless of age. Tan & Taw has priced their footwear at a reasonable price so that they can be affordable for everyone. It is necessary to be knowledgeable about the right shoes to wear with what you are wearing as well as knowing when to play and when to rely to classic, reliable choices becomes more crucial as we age.

A college-going student of the late 20s is much less likely to require an elegant suit and experience to dress it professionally than a professional of 32. Tan and Taw's comfy and elegant slip-ons loafers make the ideal companion for college students in their early years. It doesn't matter if it's for an official party at college or a party simple slip-on shoes are able to wear any attire easily.

A healthy, well-maintained hair and physic that is in form and, of course, the top of any gentleman's wardrobe: shoes can make a big difference in style while also being comfortable. Professionals in their mid-life pick a variety of options from Tan & Taw's lux fashion shoes. From casually combining loafers with formal oxfords shoes and more formal event with monk strap shoes for Men in their mid-life years can take fashion to a higher level. Get it from an older man; cherish these shoes now that you own them.

Fashion is the primary factor in the fashion industry and fashion trends change accordingly. Don't get out your stairslift or walker now, however. Tan & Taw has a range of mens penny footwear that will suit any age group, without judging an individual by his age rather than providing top-quality footwear that enhances the persona of the wearer and increase their confidence. Being a professional doesn't necessarily mean that you should wear high-waisted pants or scuffing the shoes you've worn for years. It's time to embark on the long and difficult path to master the latest fashion trends and follow the current fashion. Instead of "look at me!" the professional man's shoes and attire should convey, "I know you're looking at me." It's confidence in all aspects.

A little honesty also goes in a big way. When your midsection begins to increase in size and your hairline begins to receding, change your look in line with your new look. Try to dress in the same clothes that you wore for fifty pounds with the same hair color a few years ago is unlikely to please your appearance. What it really means is a shift from youthful and confident styles which say "look at me!" to the calm sophistication that a gentleman who has a clear idea of what he enjoys and is confident about his position on the planet.